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Technology Solutions for Your Vacation!


Travelling has definitely changed a lot over the past 30 years, and technology is certainly a major driving force behind that change, ever present in our daily lives, from planning ahead your trip and booking your flight and ferry tickets to discovering local secrets and atrractions and getting the most out of your destination. Sure you want to get away from it all and just relax, but there are some simple essential technology solutions and apps that can actually help you out and be very useful during your next vacation in Greece and Varkiza.

Here is your list:

1. Athens like any other  big city and has an elaborate public transportation system, but there is no need to be overwhelmed. Just use the official Athens transportation app, OASA telematics and plan your trip, find your bus and metro stops and timetables and you will be using the system better than a local.

2. You still need tickets thought – we always have the standard tickets at the reception, but never be without any kind of ticket with the TfA app –  easy, secure and with the full range of tickets that you will be needing, such as day passes, discounted youth tickets and special airport bus tickets.

3. Varkiza offers a nice range of restaurants and tavernas that we can recommend, but perhaps you would like to browse through the more than 1000 restaurants in the greater Athens area, and reserve a table too. You can easily do this with the app, a great way of finding your next culinary experience in Athens.

4. Obviously you should grab your phone charger, but can you plug-it in? Power outlets have the bad habit of changing from country to country, and a reliable quality travel adaptor is always a good idea when travelling abroad. But even if you forget any of the two, don’t worry – we of course have got plenty, just ask for one at the reception!