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To all our friends and guests, we would like some information regarding the situation in Greece, and our hotel in particular.


Who guidelines

At the moment of writing (March 14th), the outbreak in Greece is contained within a reasonable rate (228 confirmed cases), but obviously it is expected that this number will continue to increase.

The state has been preemptively taking a series of preventative measures in order to halt the possible spread of the virus across the population. Special attention is given to the elderly and the sick.

As we are a seasonal hotel, we have not and will not have any guests until the 1st of April, and so our potential exposure is at zero. This is true for all seasonal establishments.

As we are a small apartments hotel, we do not host any conferences, events or have any large gatherings, nor do we have any enclosed spaces. We will be suspending our bar, but we will be offering our guests the option of apartment-delivery for their breakfast. We will also be keeping our fitness center closed until further notice.

Although we already have a rigorous disinfecting and housekeeping workflow, we are introducing additional measures and procedures in response to the outbreak in accordance with state guidelines, both at home and abroad. We will also be putting up notices reminding our guests to follow simple hygiene rules as we all do at home and at work.

We have procedures in place in case of a suspicious case, or a confirmed case, as prescribed by the Greek Ministry of Health.

At this moment we are still assessing the risk factor as moderate, and cancellation requests, if any, will be handled on a case by case basis observing any applicable Force Majeure rules.

We are vigorously monitoring the situation daily, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and we will be updating accordingly. We will adhere to all instructions and orders from the state at the moment of fruition.

We urge all our friends and guests to manage and monitor their health status, to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines for their protection and for the protection of others. We extend our gratitude to healthcare workers and our compassion to those affected directly or indirectly.