Tips for your stay in 2020

Given the special circumstances surrounding the updated hygiene and health and safety requirements, here a few helpful tips and tricks for travelers and guests:

A light linen towel can go a long way. Whether it be for a recliner bed or sunbed at the beach or a simple chair in any situation, you can always use it as a temporary cover if you feel like it.

Have always with you a face cover, a mask or a piece of cloth. They are a proven means of both preventing the spread and protecting against respiratory diseases. In Greece, they are mandatory in certain circumstances (public means of transport, pharmacies, public services, etc.), and obviously for airlines and airports, and restaurant and hotel staff. It is also a sign of empathy and respect.

Prepack your suitcases at least 24hr in advance.

Have a set of clean wipes. Whether you are picking your luggage from the airport or feel uncertain for a surface contact, a clean wipe can give you the ease of mind.

Use of face mask is encouraged.

Follow simple hygiene rules and observe social distancing. Along with face masks, these simple practices are by far the most effective.

Observe house rules. Hotels, restaurants, airlines and other service providers have considerably updated and upgraded their operations and procedures, and it will take some time for both customers and providers to adjust. It might feel too much at times, but all is done for everyone’s health and safety and good cooperation always helps.

Don’t worry. Your vacation and your stay should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible, you have earned it, and it is our responsibility to make it equally safe and healthy. If you feel stressed and weary of the situation, just postpone your vacation for a time you know you will enjoy. We will be here to accommodate you and serve you to the best of our abilities.  

Wash your hands often