End of 2016 Season!

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It has been another long season, and we are happy we completed a number of projects, including refurbishing our pool and public toilets, adding access ramps, installing satellite channels and creating a fully accessible public toilet. We had our good moments and some bad, but we are mostly humbled and grateful for all of our over 4500 guests preference, feedback and generocity. We are looking forward to the next season to offer our services and making new friends.apollonia_goodbye_2016_2

Thank you, and see you in 2017!

Tips and Tricks in Varkiza

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Discovering a place like Varkiza shouldn’t be a hassle. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your experience in Varkiza.

  • varkiza_fishingOur reception usually has normal tickets, but you can also use your smartphone for any kind of ticket. Search and install for the TfA Tickets app and buy any kind of ticket for you and your party.
  • You can always find the city buses schedule and timetables here.
  • Public transportation is great, but you can always rent a car. Ask our friendly receptionists, or check out our main partner, Morphis Rent a Car.
  • To get to the Island Club cove swimming spot, just walk into the parking lot and follow the signs for the metal ladder.
  • In the early hours of the morning you can always find the local fishermen selling their catch down at the marina, like so many before them for thousands of years!
  • The easiest way to get to Sounio is using the intercity coach system KTEL. The stop (orange sign) is opposite the Esplanade Cafe and our reception can always help you with the timetables.
  • For the beach, we can always give you beach towels, sun protection creams and umbrellas for free, as well as a discount card for the organized beach.
  • The famous Georgiades bakery opens as early as 05:00 for the public, offering a great variety of fresh breads, buns and pastries.

We have a new site!

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We are excited to have our new site set up, but most of all we are delighted to incorporate this blog section. At the moment there isn’t really much to talk about apart from the new site itself which will take a few days to complete, but we will be sharing our news, thoughts and events in the future.