Season Greetings!

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Happy Hollidays With a Gift!

We want to wish all of our guests from all over the world, peaceful and warm season greetings. This is a time of reflection and family gatherings, but it is also a time for planning and gifting. So, in the spirit of the holidays we would like to offer you a limited 15% discount on our early rates, making your next summer vacation the perfect gift for you and your family.

Just remember to use coupon code* WGIFT on the final step of our online secure booking engine, and you are ready!

*Applicable only for Non Refundable reservations, limited number of promo codes available, the offer will expire on January 5th, cannot be combined with other promo codes.


Why book direct?

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Booking direct is smarter! 

Book Direct!

Planning your next memorable vacation can range from a simple customary decision to a complex and time consuming itinerary planning across different dates and destinations. Thankfully there are plenty of solutions out there for the modern traveler that can make the process quick and simple. But if you want to get the best value for money, then booking direct is definitely your best option, especially when it comes to picking your hotel.

Booking through a major outlet may be loaded with information and options, but these come at a usually hidden cost that is carried by both hotels and guests alike. Why pay more for the same thing? Instead, once you know where you want to stay, you can come in direct communication with your hotel, get a better and personalized rate and relay all your requirements and wishes effectively. This allows you to stay in immediate contact with you hotel, ensuring your best experience. 

Are you still thinking about it? Here are some reasons why booking direct is better for you:

  • Additional discounts, extras, upgrades and coupons that you can take advantage of.
  • Discounts on car rentals and tours. 
  • No intermediaries, no hassle, direct booking means direct contact with your hotel. 
  • Best value proposition, get the most out of your money. 
  • You are in control of your reservation at your hotel. 
  • Amendments and changes easily taken care of. 
  • Personalised requests lead to a memorable experience for you. 
  • No hidden fees or costs, what you see is what you get. 
  • Secure, simple, fast and guaranteed. 
  • True last minute availability. 

So let us know what your needs are using our contact form or book now using our booking engine – don’t forget to use promo code DIRECT for an additional 5% discount!

Museums, museums and more museums!

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Athens, an open-air museum itself, is an astonishing cultural hub seamlessly connecting the past with the present and even the future. Essential element of this narrative, along with numerous archaeological sites, is the plethora of museums it offers for you to visit. Here are just some of them.

The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum

1. The Acropolis Museum: A bold reflection of the iconic rock of Acropolis with a sentimental outlook to the future of the site. The Acropolis Museum is continuously winning over the hearts of its visitors, earning it a year by year position among the best museums of the world and making it an attraction in itself. Its careful and meaningful design reveals the true importance of its unique exhibits. Its attractive setup guides the guest through the exhibit’s aesthetic value as it was meant to be revealed. It is also very easy to reach! From our hotel you can take either bus 122 or 171 to Elliniko Metro Station and from there simply take the Red Line to Acropolis Metro Station and you are right on the entrance! A must not miss visit when you are in Athens, even for just one day, the Acropolis Museum is sure to make a lasting impression on you.

2. The National Archaeological Museum: From the contemporary to the old, the National Archaeological Museum has the near impossible task of incorporating an incredible number of antiquities from different eras and parts of Greece into a single exciting archaeological exhibition, and it has done so for many decades. You will be fascinated by both the variety and the sheer volume of exhibits, be careful not to be overwhelmed! You can reach the museum from Apollonia using bus 171 to the Elliniko Metro Station, take the Red Line and get off at Omonia Metro Station. From there it is a short 5-minute walk along 28is Oktovriou Avenue.

Figurine at the Museum of Cycladic Art

Figurine at the Museum of Cycladic Art

3. Museum of Cycladic Art: Since its inception in 1986, the Museum of Cycladic Art has been renown as a jewel among Athen’s museums thanks to its unique focus on the enigmatic prehistoric Cycladic art, a form distinct from other exhbitions Athens has to offer. It has been praised for its elegant and enchanting design, rich cultural calendar full of events, lectures and side exhibitions and it is overall impressive guest experience. Using the metro system from the Elliniko Metro Station, you change at Syntagma, take the Blue Line towards the Airport or Ethniki Amyna and get off at the Evangelismos Metro Station. From there it is a simple 5 minute walk!

4. National Museum of Contemporary Art: Established in 2000, and changing a number of venues, it finally found its permanent base in the old FIX brewery. Its permanent collection spreads across two of its levels and it revolves around major Greek and foreign contemporary artists, and it will be hosting a series of side-exhibitions, art projects and events. Open daily except Mondays, 11:00 – 19:00, accessible via the Fix Metro Station or by the tram system (stop Fix).

5. Benaki Museum (Pireos Building): Part of the original Benaki Museum encompassing a number of buildings across Athens, the Pireos Building is the newest of them and part of the Pireos Avenue cultural revival. It boasts a number of concurrent exhibitions, installations, events and presentations thanks to its modern multifunctional design, ranging from architecture, photography to theater and traditional heritage. Best way to get to the museum is to take bus 171 from Varkiza to Elliniko Metro Station, pick the Red Line until Syntagma Metro Station and change to the Blue Line until Kerameikos Metro Station. From there you can follow Pireos Avenue (southbound) and after about 10 minutes you will be ready for the museum’s riches.

There are of course plenty more museums composing the rich intellectual tapestry Athens has to offer, like the Byzantine and Christian Museum and the Jewish Museum of Greece. Our reception would be more than glad to assist you in purchasing tickets, attending events and designing your unique cultural experience!

Best Wishes!

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We wish all our guests season greetings and a happy new year!

What to … tech with you!

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Technology Solutions for Your Vacation!


Travelling has definitely changed a lot over the past 30 years, and technology is certainly a major driving force behind that change, ever present in our daily lives, from planning ahead your trip and booking your flight and ferry tickets to discovering local secrets and atrractions and getting the most out of your destination. Sure you want to get away from it all and just relax, but there are some simple essential technology solutions and apps that can actually help you out and be very useful during your next vacation in Greece and Varkiza.

Here is your list:

1. Athens like any other  big city and has an elaborate public transportation system, but there is no need to be overwhelmed. Just use the official Athens transportation app, OASA telematics and plan your trip, find your bus and metro stops and timetables and you will be using the system better than a local.

2. You still need tickets thought – we always have the standard tickets at the reception, but never be without any kind of ticket with the TfA app –  easy, secure and with the full range of tickets that you will be needing, such as day passes, discounted youth tickets and special airport bus tickets.

3. Varkiza offers a nice range of restaurants and tavernas that we can recommend, but perhaps you would like to browse through the more than 1000 restaurants in the greater Athens area, and reserve a table too. You can easily do this with the app, a great way of finding your next culinary experience in Athens.

4. Obviously you should grab your phone charger, but can you plug-it in? Power outlets have the bad habit of changing from country to country, and a reliable quality travel adaptor is always a good idea when travelling abroad. But even if you forget any of the two, don’t worry – we of course have got plenty, just ask for one at the reception!

End of 2016 Season!

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It has been another long season, and we are happy we completed a number of projects, including refurbishing our pool and public toilets, adding access ramps, installing satellite channels and creating a fully accessible public toilet. We had our good moments and some bad, but we are mostly humbled and grateful for all of our over 4500 guests preference, feedback and generocity. We are looking forward to the next season to offer our services and making new friends.apollonia_goodbye_2016_2

Thank you, and see you in 2017!

Tips and Tricks in Varkiza

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Discovering a place like Varkiza shouldn’t be a hassle. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your experience in Varkiza.

  • varkiza_fishingOur reception usually has normal tickets, but you can also use your smartphone for any kind of ticket. Search and install for the TfA Tickets app and buy any kind of ticket for you and your party.
  • You can always find the city buses schedule and timetables here.
  • Public transportation is great, but you can always rent a car. Ask our friendly receptionists, or check out our main partner, Morphis Rent a Car.
  • To get to the Island Club cove swimming spot, just walk into the parking lot and follow the signs for the metal ladder.
  • In the early hours of the morning you can always find the local fishermen selling their catch down at the marina, like so many before them for thousands of years!
  • The easiest way to get to Sounio is using the intercity coach system KTEL. The stop (orange sign) is opposite the Esplanade Cafe and our reception can always help you with the timetables.
  • For the beach, we can always give you beach towels, sun protection creams and umbrellas for free, as well as a discount card for the organized beach.
  • The famous Georgiades bakery opens as early as 05:00 for the public, offering a great variety of fresh breads, buns and pastries.

We have a new site!

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We are excited to have our new site set up, but most of all we are delighted to incorporate this blog section. At the moment there isn’t really much to talk about apart from the new site itself which will take a few days to complete, but we will be sharing our news, thoughts and events in the future.