Why book direct?

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Booking direct is smarter! 

Book Direct!

Planning your next memorable vacation can range from a simple customary decision to a complex and time consuming itinerary planning across different dates and destinations. Thankfully there are plenty of solutions out there for the modern traveler that can make the process quick and simple. But if you want to get the best value for money, then booking direct is definitely your best option, especially when it comes to picking your hotel.

Booking through a major outlet may be loaded with information and options, but these come at a usually hidden cost that is carried by both hotels and guests alike. Why pay more for the same thing? Instead, once you know where you want to stay, you can come in direct communication with your hotel, get a better and personalized rate and relay all your requirements and wishes effectively. This allows you to stay in immediate contact with you hotel, ensuring your best experience. 

Are you still thinking about it? Here are some reasons why booking direct is better for you:

  • Additional discounts, extras, upgrades, and coupons that you can take advantage of.
  • Discounts on car rentals and tours. 
  • No intermediaries, no hassle, direct booking means direct contact with your hotel. 
  • No suspect agencies, reliable rates and information.
  • Best value proposition, get the most out of your money. 
  • You are in complete control of your reservation at your hotel. 
  • Cancellations, date changes, refunds, all are easily taken care of. 
  • Personalised requests lead to a memorable experience for you. 
  • No hidden fees or costs, what you see is what you get. 
  • Secure, simple, fast and guaranteed. 
  • True last minute availability. 

So let us know what your needs are using our contact form or book now using our booking engine – don’t forget to use promo code DIRECT for an additional 5% discount!

In loving memory

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It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of the owner of the hotel, Nikolaos Chatzitheodorou. He was an astute architect, beloved father, and generous hotelier. We only hope that we can serve his memory in the same spirit and integrity as he conducted himself. We thank all of our guests, present, and past for their support and condolences.

Tips for your stay in 2020

Tips for your stay in 2020

Given the special circumstances surrounding the updated hygiene and health and safety requirements, here a few helpful tips and tricks for travelers and guests:

A light linen towel can go a long way. Whether it be for a recliner bed or sunbed at the beach or a simple chair in any situation, you can always use it as a temporary cover if you feel like it.

Have always with you a face cover, a mask or a piece of cloth. They are a proven means of both preventing the spread and protecting against respiratory diseases. In Greece, they are mandatory in certain circumstances (public means of transport, pharmacies, public services, etc.), and obviously for airlines and airports, and restaurant and hotel staff. It is also a sign of empathy and respect.

Prepack your suitcases at least 24hr in advance.

Have a set of clean wipes. Whether you are picking your luggage from the airport or feel uncertain for a surface contact, a clean wipe can give you the ease of mind.

Use of face mask is encouraged.

Follow simple hygiene rules and observe social distancing. Along with face masks, these simple practices are by far the most effective.

Observe house rules. Hotels, restaurants, airlines and other service providers have considerably updated and upgraded their operations and procedures, and it will take some time for both customers and providers to adjust. It might feel too much at times, but all is done for everyone’s health and safety and good cooperation always helps.

Don’t worry. Your vacation and your stay should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible, you have earned it, and it is our responsibility to make it equally safe and healthy. If you feel stressed and weary of the situation, just postpone your vacation for a time you know you will enjoy. We will be here to accommodate you and serve you to the best of our abilities.  

Wash your hands often


Re-opening on the 15th of June!

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Our hotel will be opening again on the 15th of June!


For the past few weeks, the spread of COVID-19 pandemic within Greece is kept very low and under constant monitoring from the state authorities, with strict hygiene and social distancing rules applied across different sectors, allowing for the progressive ease of lockdown measures. 

As a result, we are relieved to announce that we will be opening our hotel and accepting our guests from June 15. At this moment we want to express our warm gratitude to all our guests that enrolled with the Voucher Program for pre-existing canceled reservations. Their monetary support and moral encouragement are some of the primary reasons we are able to open on time. We can’t wait to have them as our guests and thank them in person!

At the moment we are preparing and getting ready for this new, different, and difficult season, implementing a series of procedures and measures for a safe and pleasant stay as possible. We have already been awarded the ‘Health  First’ certification from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. We are also introducing some measures of our own, and suspending some of our services. You can find more details on our dedicated page regarding hygiene measures and social distancing procedures.

Health First

As part of this new operation, we will require all our guests to pre-fill their check-in information using our online check-in form. We also have a special offer going on for the next few days, where we are offering 1 night for free for every 2 nights booked! Check it out on our secure booking engine now.

Once again we wish all our friends and guests to remain safe, and we want to let you know that we will be here when you are ready to share the greek summer with you.

Suspension of opening Until 1st of June

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The Greek government has decided on extending the suspension of all seasonal hotels until the 1st of June as a preventative measure against the virus spread. Greece is starting to progressively lift suspensions and lockdowns from the 4th of May, but the exact date of re-opening of seasonal hotels is not yet confirmed.

We will obviously adhere to this ruling, and if we deem it necessary, we will voluntarily extend our opening time even further. In the meantime, we are continuously taking measures and adopting procedures and protocols to assure a safe environment for our guests, you can see more details here.

For all reservations affected by the COVID19 pandemic, there is in place a voucher system for our guests to use. You can check for the full details here. Guests that have booked through OTA’s like Expedia, Booking and/or other agents, should forward their request for a voucher to them.

We again urge all our friends and guests to follow hygiene rules and social distancing, to monitor their health and remain safe. We will be updating accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Our COVID19 Response

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What we are changing in response to the COVID19.

(Edit: This information is now out of date. Please check our dedicated Health First Certification page for information.)

Here in Greece, the government, authorities, and businesses are making meticulous and careful planning for the ease of the strict quarantine measures, and re-opening of public spaces, shops, restaurants and hotels. Top priority is always the protection of human life, especially of the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions, as well as the containment of the spread. Social distancing is still kept, and masks are strongly encouraged and even mandatory in public transport, supermarkets and taxis.

We know this is going to be a very peculiar and hard time for all of us, but we are putting in place measures to provide a safe and responsible stay for our guests. These are constantly reviewed and adjusted in accordance with hygiene best practices and other protocols in place around the world in the hospitality sector, and will soon be finalized when the domestic standard and protocols are released.


Furthermore, as we are an apartments hotel, we already have some particular benefits like:


Spacious apartments with excellent natural ventilation, and large balconies, and autonomous A/C.

Open-air common corridors.

Full autonomy for our guests, ideal for staycations, self-isolation and social distancing.

No buffets, no mini-bars.

Everything deliverable to your apartment, from groceries to meal deliveries.


We are also introducing the following novel procedures and approaches as follows:


We are limiting availability in order to provide greater distances between guests’ apartments.

We are limiting the use of our elevator to 1 person at a time.

We are employing a 3 day interval between stays in the same apartment.

We are using a full steam cleaning system of our apartments after every check-out on top of normal cleaning procedures.

We have established an opt-out no-housekeeping service for our guests. This means that our guests will be provided with all the necessary cleaning equipment, linen, and towels for the duration of their stay. No-contact collection of laundry, garbage bags will be made outside the apartment door, and no one will enter the apartment during our guests’ stay.

We already have in place no-contact check-in and check-out procedures.

We are shutting down our fitness center for this year.

We are limiting the number of persons in our pool area to six (6) in order to avoid crowding.

We are limiting the number of persons in our roof terrace to eight (8) in order to avoid crowding.

We do have in place self-isolation, quarantine, and tracing protocols in case of suspect cases, and as always, we have a doctor on call 24/7.

We have notices for fundamental hygiene rules for our guests to follow.

We have prescribed a set of rules and procedures for our transfer services partners to implement.


With regards to existing reservations, we understand that a lot of them will not be able to be completed. For this reason, we have introduced a voucher program in line with the recent greek legislature. For full details please visit our relevant page. We urge all guests to consult with their doctors prior to traveling, and for those belonging to vulnerable groups to postpone if possible their plans. We will also be setting up a reward scheme for greek public health personnel recognizing their courageous commitment and service.

A very different Easter

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We will be together soon.

It is the first time in our history that we are following Easter without any guests. It is peculiar, but also necessary for all our elderly and our admirable health professionals to whom we are grateful. We are prepared for the next day, and we are hopeful that we will be allowed to accommodate our guests very soon, so that next year we can celebrate Easter together. Until then Happy Easter, and #Staysafe.


Suspension of Opening Until 1st of May

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To all of our friends and guests.


The Greek government has decided on the suspension of all seasonal hotels until the 1st of May due to the coronavirus pandemic as a preventative measure against the virus spread. Full season hotels will also shut-down on March 23rd and re-open on May 1st.

We will obviously adhere to this ruling, and if we deem it neccessary, we will voluntarily extend our opening time even further.

All cancellations relevant to the April arrivals will be handled sequentially. Guests that have booked through OTA’s like Expedia, Booking and/or other agents, should remain patient as their cancellations are handled by their agents who have to deal with an unprecedented workload worldwide due to similar measures.

We again urge all our friends and guests to follow hygiene rules and social distancing, to monitor their health and remain safe. We will be updating accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.



Coronavirus Update 14th March

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To all our friends and guests, we would like some information regarding the situation in Greece, and our hotel in particular.


Who guidelines

At the moment of writing (March 14th), the outbreak in Greece is contained within a reasonable rate (228 confirmed cases), but obviously it is expected that this number will continue to increase.

The state has been preemptively taking a series of preventative measures in order to halt the possible spread of the virus across the population. Special attention is given to the elderly and the sick.

As we are a seasonal hotel, we have not and will not have any guests until the 1st of April, and so our potential exposure is at zero. This is true for all seasonal establishments.

As we are a small apartments hotel, we do not host any conferences, events or have any large gatherings, nor do we have any enclosed spaces. We will be suspending our bar, but we will be offering our guests the option of apartment-delivery for their breakfast. We will also be keeping our fitness center closed until further notice.

Although we already have a rigorous disinfecting and housekeeping workflow, we are introducing additional measures and procedures in response to the outbreak in accordance with state guidelines, both at home and abroad. We will also be putting up notices reminding our guests to follow simple hygiene rules as we all do at home and at work.

We have procedures in place in case of a suspicious case, or a confirmed case, as prescribed by the Greek Ministry of Health.

At this moment we are still assessing the risk factor as moderate, and cancellation requests, if any, will be handled on a case by case basis observing any applicable Force Majeure rules.

We are vigorously monitoring the situation daily, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism and we will be updating accordingly. We will adhere to all instructions and orders from the state at the moment of fruition.

We urge all our friends and guests to manage and monitor their health status, to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines for their protection and for the protection of others. We extend our gratitude to healthcare workers and our compassion to those affected directly or indirectly.

Family vacations in Apollonia

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Organizing your family vacations can always be a challenge. But it does not have to be, certainly not with us in Apollonia.

In fact, Apollonia is the perfect match for families of all sizes and needs. Obviously, our spacious apartments, like the Suite which can accommodate up to 4 persons and the Family Apartment for even larger families of 6, are ideal. Not only they allow families to comfortably stay together, share a snack in the living room but also prepare their meals in fully equipped kitchens and enjoy their dinners together just like you do at home. You no longer have to split parents from children in different rooms far apart, or constantly try to coordinate meals in various tavernas and restaurants. Sometimes staying inside together is great even during your vacation.

However, it is not just the large apartments we offer, but also our experience and all the peripheral services that come in handy for a great family vacation. Baby-cots and feeding chairs for our baby guests are of course provided for free, just like sunscreens and beach towels. For all your transfer needs, our helpful reception staff can always help you arrange a comfortable minivan, not only to and from the airport but also into the city and other areas of interest for daylong excursions. Besides our outdoor swimming pool and assorted water toys, we also offer a small playing and activities area, as well as babysitting services for when you need a little break. 

While staying with us in Apollonia in picturesque Varkiza, you do not need to worry anymore about the small things, but instead, you can sit back and enjoy a great and relaxing family vacation as it should be. You and your family deserve it, so contact us now for your special family needs and we will be glad to assist you.

Job openings

Job openings

We are currently looking for:

  1. One cook, 7-hour work, 6 days a week.
  2. One receptionist, 7-hour work, 6 days a week.

Both openings are until 31st of October. Please send your CV’s at reception@apolloniahotel.gr.